RE-Elect  Councilwoman Lynda Appel

Vote on November 7, 2017

Lynda Appel

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Westlake City Council Ward 1

Savvy, gutsy, challenging, brave, fearless, selfless, experienced, bringing bipartisan solutions…

  • COMMUNICATION: Lynda Appel "loves hearing your ideas and sharing with you what the city is working on", enhancing your involvement  through email and social media.
  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Lynda Appel, as a 20 plus year Westlake resident, insists that the City’s leadership should add economically sustainable value, making thoughtful and sustainable investments in the infrastructure for the long term interests of the city of Westlake. Lynda believes the thrust of this leadership responsibility is for the benefit  of all of our residents, including growth in the economic base as well as the value of home ownership and lifestyle-living in our beautiful community.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICES:  Anyone who knows Lynda Appel recognizes  her involvement in a variety of causes important to all of us, promoting the interests of the underserved and under-represented (without fanfare).  Lynda also pursues interests that are personal to her without regard to popular opinion, including important initiatives that may not be at the forefront of our consciences but causes that resonate and reflect our core values.  For example, Lynda is "...proud to have supported the textile recycling initiative through which over 24 tons, to date, have been recycled, reducing land fill waste."
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Lynda Appel works with business interests to expand and promote economic development that will best serve the residents of the City of Westlake. One example of combining economic development with an improved landscape is the new project on the south side of Center Ridge Road. Lynda Appel "...looks forward to seeing the finished product that replaces the trailer park with a valuable and attractive development for our community."
  • COLLABORATION:  Lynda Appel advocates for continued collaboration between the city and our schools.   Lynda stays informed and engaged to ensure that the School District continues to be responsible stewards of our tax dollars. She regularly attends School Board meetings to remain informed about the issues and long-term planning that affects all of us.


An active presence in our city

You've seen Councilwoman Appel at city events; rec events; school events. "All opportunities for you to talk to me about your concerns."

Peterson Pool

Councilwoman Appel has advocated for the entirety of her term for the continuous improvement of our Recreation services.  Unfortunately, Council did not move forward with the pool...yet, but she will continue to advocate.  "We have a plan and I am confident that we will see it through to completion."  Click here to view Rec Plan Power Point.


Is Westlake going to change water suppliers is a question Councilwoman Appel hears often.  While the court did rule in the city's favor, Westlake can seek other suppliers, Cleveland is still disputing this ruling.  "Do I think we will change providers?  Honestly, I don't know, but it is in the city's best interest to have a choice and be able to negotiate."

Read more about the Judge's ruling here.




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